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Have you ever thought about your living space, workspace, any space you occupy at any given moment as an extension of yourself? Have you tapped into what those spaces feel like to you? Are you conscious of the colors in those spaces and how they affect how you feel in them? What about what you put in those spaces? How are things placed, arranged, used? How do they relate to each other?

All of these elements are a reflection of yourself.

Do you rearrange your space when you have visitors? Do you put certain things away out of sight? Do you buy flowers, do you light some insence? Why do you do that? Are you trying to project an image that is different from your lived image?

How can you own yourself fully if you do not own your space fully? Even just standing or sitting anywhere, in public or privately, to own our space is to be fully present in that space.

The expression: "Living with one foot out the door" describes a person who lives always in transition. Someone who is not satisfied with either where they have been, or where they are and is always projecting into a future self they aspire to. How many apartments, jobs, relationships, have you been in with "one foot out the door?" To be fully yourself, you have to live where you are fully, 100%. And isn't it what we all want? To be ourselves 100%?

To live in temporary mode, always with the eye on what is to come, always in transition, is to live in limbo. Limbo, or what in religion is often called purgatory, is to be tied to the past and longing for the future. In limbo, you miss being present in your emediate experience. You miss the experience of living. I have often thought about this as a twice immigrant. I never felt like I belonged anywhere. Trauma also leaves you in limbo. Anyone who suffers from trauma and/or PTSD knows the pain of regretting the past and worrying about the future. It's a REACTIONary way of being, not a RESPONSE-able way of being. To be present in our spaces, to own our personal space, is a whole person process. A mind, body, and spirit process. It is a visual, emotional, and active doing, practical process.

To BE is to belong anywhere, everywhere. It starts with owning your inner space. Don't be an immigrant of your own universe.

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