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It is important to be a social animal. We need each other to survive.

Love is a social emotion. We need it, we crave it.

Connection is what keeps us feeling real.

Without our social connections, we are nothing but lumps of flesh eating and pooping.

We thrive in a social context.

Our latest human experiment of a global pandemic has exposed our weaknesses.

Without each other we die.

Most times we limit who we are to fit into our social structure.

We mold ourselves to these stories.

We learn to wear masks so as not to be tempted to look at ourselves like Narcissus.

Narcissus, however, is not a real person. It’s an invented character. A character in a story of disconnection.

Just like Pandora is an invented female character in a male story. A story of fear.

“Don’t be curious!”, the story tells us.

But we are real, powerful beings. We can do anything we set our minds to. We are full of genius. And part of our genius is our insatiable curiosity.

To look at ourselves in the mirror with curiosity, reveals us to ourselves.

To look in the mirror with our own eyes is not vain.

It is an opportunity.

It is a chance for:





It is an opportunity to


It is an opportunity to recognize we are mirrors for what we desire.

In learning to see ourselves with loving eyes, we also learn to see others with loving eyes.

Because the grey sky is sad until a rainbow colors it.

To see our own beauty is to own our own version of the rainbow.

When people see our rainbow, they smile and remember themselves.

Because to LOVE, is to reflect the beloved.

There is a song called AT LAST, sang beautifully by Etta James that fills my heart with love.

She sings it with such emotion because she too longed to recognize the beloved in herself. She was rejected by her father who was a white man. She longed to belong.

I too always longed for what it says:

At last,

My love has come along,

My lonely days are over,

And life is like a song.

The first time I felt the song was speaking to me was when I met my future husband.

Then, when each of my children were born.

Then when I met my first lover.

And each time it was true in that moment but somehow not complete.

I did not know that love is not about an external object.

That love I longed for was mine all the while.

It was ME.

To make the journey of love to ourselves is THE journey.

From that journey all other journeys are spawned.

Any other journey we take eventually leads us to this journey.

The journey to self-ownership.

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