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Updated: May 1, 2022


Can you name your emotions?

How many are there?

Most people know when they are Angry, Sad, Happy.

Some people are aware that certain colors Trigger or stand for emotions. Red for anger or passion, Green may mean envy, Yellow is cowardice, Blue for sadness.


Most people stay in the Primary Color range. Some may venture into secondary colors.

Other people, due to life events and/or trauma, Don’t even make it to the spectrum And life for them is very black and white.

When we expand our range of experience, We expand our vocabulary too. When we have a bigger, better vocabulary To express ourselves, We create space, opportunity, For choice.

Humans are naturally visual, Even people who don’t consider themselves Visual. We think and speak in images. Just try to think of a word without an image Attached to it. Our brains automatically generate image. Working with visual art helps access This wonderful tool to expand Our range of living.

I invite you to try an exercise. A fun, artful, one.

Make a color wheel And explore making colors. From the primary ones, Make secondary colors, And then from there The tertiary colors. Then, to which each hue, Assign an emotion it calls up in you. Write that word down next to the color. See how much you can expand your Emotional range.

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